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Tips for studying during corona

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Home office might be one of the most used words in 2020. And we, as students, have experienced “home office” since the mid of march and still do it:

We are sitting at our desk with our laptop, being just a few steps away from our bed or couch... And just "a click away" from social media, netflix or online shopping - distraction is everywhere.

While I am sitting at my desk and writing this post, I see some dust on my bookshelf which I could clean up… sometimes anything seems more fun than learning or studying, right?!

If you need something to motivate and distract you from the last hours of studying than I recommend you Sara´s blog post Instant motivation - get inspired!

But if you need some motivation to get a routine, a road map through your home office daily business than here it is:

home office map

Think about your productive time of day: Are you an early bird or more a night owl? Did you enjoy going to university and sitting in the lecture halls?

So maybe the best thing about studying online is that you can adapt your timetable to your productive time:

  • write down a time schedule when you want to watch your podcasts.

  • enter time slots for repetition and working on assignments / tutorials / homework

  • enter time slots for fixed breaks – ask your friends when they are attending online to their lectures and meet them for lunch or a coffee break on a video call (a quick, easy and yummy recipe for an apple crumble can also be found on STUDENT HOTCHPOTCH – just search for apple crumble )

  • set realistic (!) goals for the day or the week and stop working at a specific time of day to have some free time for yourself

  • stay active while sitting for hours at your desk and also enter time for sport into your schedule:

  • the ASVZ provides a lot of home workouts on youtube - almost as good as the courses in the sports centers of the ASVZ. So roll out your towel or yoga mat and start sweating.

  • here are my favourites:

But there are many more. Here is the link to the ASVZ Youtube channel:


I am really thankful for the videos and enjoy doing the workouts. Maybe my mum and a friend in Germany are now also a fan of the ASVZ 😉 Via Youtube everybody gets access to the ASVZ courses. You can share them with friends, arrange a virtual workout and motivate each other. Let´s go!

You are interested in sports and meeting people during these days? :) Here you can connect with other students from Zurich while going on a hike or exploring Luzern (corona regulations are respected)!

An update for your home office needed? unithrift.net is a online second-hand store created by students from Zurich. Happy shopping!

I wish you a successful fall semester. Stay motivated and healthy!

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