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The best Memes and Stories of 2020

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

2020, what a year!

A year full of crazy stories and memorable events. We all know that it has been a special year for each of us and we should not miss to learn from what happened.

In this article, we show you a bunch of great memes and stories of 2020 to remind you of what actually happened during the past months. I bet that you saw at least one of these memes or stories on a social media channel that you use.

Let's be thankful that we are alive and that we have friends and family who are supporting us even in times of a crisis.

1. The beginning of a pandemic

Well, we do not have to say a lot more about this meme. We all had to go through the Corona-stages during quarantine and lockdown. At some point every country was kind of in the same way affected and we had to face a whole new situation in our lives.

...comes what may, memes will always keep us alive. Amen!

2. Is quarantine really that bad tho?

...it's okay to hate being social and friendly.

Social distancing is the new lifestyle, my friend!




3. The toilet paper mystery

I am sure we all had that strange moment when we walked into a supermarket and there was no single roll of toilet paper left to buy. Also, people started to buy excessive masses of unnecessary stocks (such as tortillas or fresh yeast) and became some kind of crazy wild animals fighting for food.

4. Studying at home when Corona hits you

...the pleasure of having Zoom meetings from university. Who else is missing it to go to university and see all these faces live, so you can judge them with your best friend?

Yes, I am totally honest with you. I miss these times without having stupid breakout groups within Zoom meetings.

5. One more for the Rona

6. When being a president in 2020

Say no more. We all know that this is the absolute best idea President Trump ever had. What a pleasure to have him still alive after he has been tested positive...

Maybe he didn't use enough Lysol?

7. BLM

Yes, COVID-19 is really bad and we are all affected by it.

BUT. Don't forget what is an issue since ever and ever. Don't be silent and stand up for all people no matter what skin colour they have.


...also, there are still so many wars and other big issues all over the world that we should not forget just because of a pandemic.

*more memes to come. cheers.

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