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Excercising with the Rona

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

When in quarantine or lockdown people tend to spend even more time sedentary. But a steady effort now can lead to your post-rona beach body you always dreamed of.

So trying to lose some weight or gain that little bit of muscle one always sees in your social media feed? Then grab your favorite pen and take notes.

There is something for everyone.

Cardio: Jogging/bike riding

If you're trying to lose weight, burning extra calories during your week can help you. Pick a route or a distance you feel comfortable with and try to progressively get better. Either by trying to complete your course faster or if you can by increasing the distance of km.

If your only goal is to get more fit and improve your stamina then try to do three cardio workouts per week with at least a day of rest to let your muscles regenerate. For Example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday as training days and the rest of the week should be dedicated to study hard for university.

IMPORTANT: Try to track your progress and improve everytime. Set a goal and work towards it.

Building Muscle:

In case we enter a lockdown again this upcoming week, we will only go through a little home work out. In general a gym or a place with good equipment is more suitable than your living room for muscle growth but we'll manage.

The same principles apply also here: Start slow and progressively overload.

Keep track of how much repetitions you are able to do and train harder than last time.

A good home work out I stumbled across earlier this year is this one:


Not only do you increase your general fitness by working out, you can also free your mind of your everyday life and struggles you're currently dealing with. Working out releases Serotonin in your brain and makes you happy, It's like eating a banana only with more effort and sweat.

So try it out and stay healthy so that your newly improved lungs can battle every corona virus that dares to enter your body.

From Quarantine with love


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