STUDENT HOTCHPOTCH is a group project by six master students of the university of Zurich and is created as part of the lecture digital marketing in the fall semester 2020.

Get to Know Us


Master student in business & administration and currently working in the marketing department of an eye clinic in Zurich. She is a great fan of sports activities in her free time and has a passion for horseback riding. She loves to bake & cook and some day wants to start her own business.


Master Student in business administration and part time working in a start-up company regarding everything with water. Gym aficionado with a deep love for academics because it gives him the constant pressure in life he needs.


Master student in business administration and currently working at an auditing company. Is passionate about fashion, the gym and travelling. She also loves to sing and cook wholesome meals. Her goal is to someday be able to live in a bikini all year long.


Master student of management and economics from Serbia. Particularly likes spending time outdoors jogging, hiking, skiing or swimming. Big fan of any kind of cheese.


Master student in business administration with a passion for marketing. She loves to coach her equestrian vaulting team and enjoys horseback riding, snowboarding, and photography.


Master student in business adminstration and law from Germany with an unfamiliar Norwegian name. She enjoys playing tennis, reading novels and taking photos (especially during city trips or on a hike).

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